Thursday, 7 June 2012

Poor boy...

*sigh. My rollercoaster of a week continues, this time with a massive low.

I had just finished watching 'Prometheus' at the cinema and was preparing to walk home. As i moving down the escalator i saw a few security guards just beyond the base of the escalator. When there is more then one in the same spot at the same time then you know something is up, so i was curious.

They were huddled around this boy, maybe 6 years old, along with a couple of women. One of the ladies looked like she was hugging him and it was then i noticed that the boy's face was covered in tears. It then clicked that the boy's parents were nowhere to be seen. My heart broke in an instant. I was tearing up.

Not for one second did i start blaming the parents, for i understand that people can lose sight of the people/pets they are looking after no matter how hard they try. I was just experiencing raw emotion for this kid, i hate people seeing people cry, not because it makes me sad but because im a human being....just like we are all human. Im still tearing up over this but i know he was in safe hands, the police were there as were the security guards and he did have a couple of guardian angels looking out for him (the women). I hope he is re-united with loved ones as soon as possible because im sure they are just as distressed as he was.

If you have a loved one, or perhaps a pet dear to you...give em a hug and please make sure you don't lose sight of them

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