Tuesday, 5 June 2012

The ol 'tomorrow's a new day' cliche...

Just got back from work...

After last night's post you could be forgiven for thinking that i would be miserable all day, indeed i thought that would be the case as well!! For most of the day i was struggling through my exam revision whilst simultaneously  obliterating my ear drums with some new Skrillex i had downloaded recently. It wasn't working for me and i was dreading the gradually impending doom that consists of work. I wasn't in the mood to work, i just wanted to wallow in self pity, ruminate and find any reason that i could to justify my hopeless view of the world. Despite all this, i got changed for work, said goodbye to my kitten and walked out the front door with an air of resignation, similar to how i imagine Julia Gillard will feel when the election rolls around (random much? or was it? o.O). How quickly things change...

It took all of 3 minutes for my mood to go from flat to optimistic and positive. Enjoy as i relive in low definition the night's highlights...

1. I texted a mate about potential plans for the following night (tonight) and somehow confused the words tonight and tomorrow (being tonight). I likened it to the iPhone's autocorrect, needless to say, i laughed at the stupidity and silliness of it all and before i knew it i had arrived at work.

2. I was in the staff room at work bracing myself to dominate the shift when i realised a particular workmate was also in said room. This particular person borrowed something from me last October and still hasn't returned it, of which now i was only going to accept money instead. Since October, i had the philosophy that it's not on me to constantly remind him about it, eventually he will do the right thing. All this had achieved was to lower my self worth and let someone walk over the top of me. Before i started my shift i asked him if he had the money on him. This may not seem like much but for me it was huge! I rarely, if ever, do that. It might of came across rather timid but i imagined it as if Batman was brutally interrogating the joker...demanding answers! This only enhanced my mood, the patrons had no idea what was about to hit them ;)

3. Small talk. Is one thing i pride myself on at work. It might not be evident from the essay-esque posts that have been demanding your attention so far but it is a source of rare pride for me. I remember introducing myself to a few patrons upon arrival and within seconds i had them laughing....outloud! It felt validating, to all the ladies out there...it was like i had a pregnant beaming glow about me, i was pregnant with a good feeling and i was about to give birth. Yes, i was about to give birth. For the rest of the shift i riffed with the patrons, everyone had fun. It culminated with this brilliant line from myself. Me: Oh good choice! Hilarious movie. Them: So you've seen it? Me: well i can't unsee it (I was referring to 'The Dictator').

4. This was probably the best moment of the night, other then finishing. I was taking food/drinks to a particular seat and low and behold the lady i was about to lay the food/drink down infront of was asleep. First thought was that i was jealous, some sleep would be amazing right now. Then i looked to my right and their friends were silently laughing. I looked back to my left and low and behold her partner was asleep too. I was struggling not to laugh outloud but professionalism won out. What i should mention was infact they had both fallen asleep holding hands. That is love i think and absolutely made my night, my faith in humanity was restored, it gave me hope.


Thanks once again for reading :)


  1. Glad to hear it worked out for you. That's an even better feeling than if it had started out that way.

  2. Bang! Good line for the Dictator :)

    There's nothing like falling asleep in a movie you have just paid good money for. Gold Class seats are comfy

  3. So true Michael! It allows you to have perspective and better appreciate the good times. Rusty, i considered snoring next to them just so i could say, "sorry guys, i was snoring. hope i didn't wake you".

    1. Funny for you but not for them.

    2. True but i thought it might of made them fell better about their predicament...