Saturday, 14 July 2012

My night with The Viennas

So i've just got home after a night out supporting a friend from work and his band 'The Vienna's' and im still buzzing, im still feeling the massive amount of love that came from the gig. The venue, The Jade Monkey, was packed from the moment we got there, full within moments of the doors being could tell with the amount of people there it was going to be a special night. I had never even heard of the Jade Monkey until recently and im glad that i experienced it before it is closed down. In short it is a really funky venue, it was like a whole bunch of furniture and fittings that don't belong coming to together to construct a masterpiece, something kinda like an abstract painting.

The support act got up on stage and were great, they warmed the crowd and prepared us for the piece-de-resistance, The Vienna's. Before the first note had been played, before the first lyric had been sung everyone was on their feet, at attention, ready to give the love to the guys on their big night. This was 'The Viennas' first ep launch so it was a huge night for them and personally, it was great to see so much support in the room. They had everyone swaying to the same beat, had everyone moving to the same rhythm from the moment they obliterated the silence. Looking around from time to time, i saw a lot of smiles directed at the stage, alot of 'toe tapping' and a lot of pride. This was their big night and they delivered. There were even tears towards the end as they thanked everyone for coming along, they fully appreciated us as we did with them and their sound.


The Vienna's fb page :)


  1. Jade monkey is a good venue, they just never have my type of bands there.

    It is a shame to see such an institution such as that get torn down.

    But that's progress for you

  2. The Jade Monkey and the 'venue' next to it are being torn down to make a hotel...actually im pretty sure nothing will be built over where the Jade Monkey is at the moment, possibly carparks. Damn shame :( but great night!