Monday, 18 June 2012

Help me out....

I'll keep it simple, i dont have that many blogs that im following at the moment. I want to follow blogs based upon good recommendations.

Blogs i can highly recommend are as follows...

The World as i see it  (a unique perspective on the world, considers peanut butter to be superior to nutella)

Swinging like a rusty gate (the world won't look the same, considers nutella to be more awesome then peanut butter)

Gorillas Bananas's Blogs (link wouldn't work, does posts from the perspective of a guerilla)

Enjoy the reads and be kind enough to recommend a blog or two :D


  1. Some of my favourite blogs are:

    And then look through award posts that people post, that is a sure fire way to find stuff that at least one person liked ;)

    1. Thanks Rusty, considering you replied faster then Michael, i am joining the Nutella bandwagon...nutella is a Hazelnut CHOCOLATE spread...and anything chocolate trumps peanut butter