Saturday, 30 June 2012

Crazy Cat Brothers

For those who have figured out who I am by my posts you will know who I am talking about, for those that haven’t figured it out im sure you know someone who this post will remind you of…

I love cats and all things cat related, im even a member of Cats Addicts Anonymouse group on facebook. Cat’s are hilarious, they are cute, they are just all round awesome. There is nothing wrong with people who adore their cats, or any pet for that matter. I thought I had heard and seen it all but I think my brother has taken it to a NEW LEVEL OF WEIRDNESS.

I had just finished a very tough and busy shift at work, I had made my way home and knocked on the door to be let in. What am I greeted by? Have a guess…go on, guess. I’ll tell you what I wasn’t greeted by, I wasn’t greeted by a girl of my dreams, I wasn’t greeted by a mythical penguin or even a tiny leprachaun. I would of thought all of those would of made more sense then what did occur. I was greeted by my brother and our kitten Scuttles (My Girl Scuttles).

Imainge a voice that is high pitched, high volume and very animated. Imagine this voice as if it was the voice of a cartoon character (come to think of it, it does remind me of some character…) and then imagine my kitten welcoming me in this cartoon with this voice and with some very bad lip sycnching going on. This was how I was greeted “Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, welcome Hoooooooooooooome”.

People talk of Guantanamo bay, Iraqi prisons, Carly Rae (“Hey this is crazy and I just “ENOUGH!!!”) and various other forms of extreme torture…I think I topped that. Then also imagine that this goes on almost ALL of the time in some voice or another when my brother and Scuttles are in the same romm together. The other favourite voice that Scuttles ‘has’ is a Southern Belle accent. Imagine the following in said accent…”My name is Scuttles and I am a lady” or “I do declare, that guy is a handsome fellow”…insert own line!

Don’t get me wrong it was hilarious to begin with and still is on some occassions but only in SMALL DOSES. This is war!!

Feel my pain



  1. Is that Batman slapping Robin in that meme?

    Cat people are weird, its like you chose to be a slave.

    But then again it is a rare sight to see a person picking up cat poo

  2. Which meme? Yeah, now you mention it, it is weird...voluntarily slavery. You picked up cat poo??