Monday, 18 June 2012

My girl "Scuttles" (kitten) :D

This post is dedicated to my baby girl Scuttles, pronounced "Scuddles".

Ever since we brought her home from the RSPCA (the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals- a shelter basically) she has been a blessing and a bundle of joy. Scuttles has given me so much, not just in her cuteness, the way she plays all day, nor how she brightens up our lives with every glance but also because i have to look after her, it makes me feel useful. Just like how a spanner would feel if infact it could feel at all.

I simply wanted to share some of my favourite moments so far spent with my little darling and in no particular order of awesomeness.

1. The Shower: Anytime after me or my housemates have had a shower lately Scuttles is either waiting outside or comes running into the bathroom and hops straight onto the shower floor. She plays and jumps in all the puddles completely soaking her feet before she finds us, looks up at us with her huge black eyes with a look that says "i know ive done wrong but i will get away with it because im cute"...she then proceeds to flick all the excess water into our faces.

2. Apple/Yoghurt gate: You thought Watergate was bad well this morning when i woke up just before my alarm, i hear soft little noises making their way closer to my bed. You guessed it, Scuttles! Being rather annoyed we hadn't fed her yet, she cries/mews, hops (yes hops, not walks) all over my bed, rests on my face/neck and then proceeds to knock over half a glass of apple juice and i get most of it all over me. You think the psychological warfare would stop there but no! After my shower i return to my room to find that a half eaten yoghurt had 'fell' onto the floor. I suspect 'Scuttles'...just not sure what her agenda is... o.O

3. I look forward to seeing Scuttles no matter if im just waking up or if im on my way home. It doesn't matter if i'm really tired or hungover after i've just woken up, there she is, waiting outside my door happy to see her servant is up to play with and feed her. Forget drugs, forget a long arduous exercise routine, forget your favourite tv show...kittens (or puppies or any other pet really) are instant feel good fixes. It also doesn't matter what day you have had, doesn't matter what mood you are in when you come home, your pet doesn't just wants you to be happy and play with it, entertain it, look after it.

I could go on and on about Scuttles and her antics but id much rather hear about a favourite memory of yours that involves an animal, pet or otherwise. We can learn so much from them :D


  1. I was watching puppies play in a pet store recently. I wish I had a yard that would be big enough to support a dog

    And a landlord to approve of its existence