Sunday, 29 July 2012

My day at AVCON (anime and video games convention)

So a short time ago i arrived back home from Avcon (see title) and i miss it already. I feel lost, not really sure what i am gonna do for the next few weeks...i guess i will have uni and work but those two things are not typically what one would get enthused and excited over.

I went to my first AVCON event last year after missing out for many years beforehand. I decided to go as Goku from DragonballZ (super saiyan) and spent the moments beforehand worrying that my cosplay wasn't that good and i would look/feel like a fool. That changed the instant i arrived last year as soon as someone asked for my picture...i felt like i had found somewhere i belonged, even if it was only for a day or two. Excitement and that sense of peace are a rare thing for me so i truly value AVCON and the home that it provides those that otherwise keep there 'geeky'/'nerdy' interests private.

It was no different this year, well perhaps it was slightly. I had decided to book the whole weekend off for AVCON so i could get as much as possible out of the event. My goal was to do a bit of everything that was on offer and i like to think i achieved this goal. I sat in on a Video Game Reviewer's panel, i played alot of video games, had a look at all the various stalls and items that were on sale/offer, i went to the Madman National Cosplay competition, the Lolita fashion parade, saw some Anime (Gurren Lagann and UN-GO- both of which i recommend) amongst other things!

There's two things i LOVE about AVCON, 1. People making you feel awesome by asking for photo and appreciating what you have done and 2. Seeing the effort and enthusiasm that people have in getting into the spirit of AVCON, especially those who dress up in character. Now, im not much of an expert on Anime so there is alot of characters i won't list here however there was still so many memorable characters. There was: Bane, batman, the legoman, Mimi (digimon), Lara Croft, Fang, Goku, Vegeta, Gumby, MasterChief, Iron Man, War Machine, The Hulk, A deathnote, Sailor Moon and the other Sailor girls, Lolita girls, Dr Who amongst MANY others. I think i took something like 175 photos and can't wait to upload them to facebook sometime in the near future!

The only lowlight was that it didn't go on forever. In some sense, we were all one huge family, there just to have a good time with one another and im sure many people made new friends throughout the event. I just want to say a huge thankyou to everyone who had a hand in making AVCON what it was, the organisers, staff, the volunteers, the stall/booth operators, the special guests and most importantly everyone who attended the event itself....THANKYOU :)

PS on the saturday i went as Goku and on the Sunday i went as a Wraith from Stargate Atlantis (the special effects Makeup done by a good friend of mine, please check out her facebook page and support her like she supported me Tiffany Dean- MakeUp extroadinaire). Pics will be posted to her page in good time



  1. Nerds of a feather will flock together.

    I'm not a fan of anime, I watched Voltron and RoboTech when I was a kid, but these days they are a bit meh for me.

    AVCON isn't my scene, glad you had fun.

  2. fair enough, i LOVE dragonballz and it kinda started from there. Oh and i forgot to mention the copious amounts of hot girls in costume...i should of mentioned the hot girls..i'll never learn

  3. At AVCon the committee, staff and volunteers are all unpaid- none of us make a dime. We run AVCon because we get to hear that people like you love it as much as we do. For years it has been known around Team AVCon as the Warm Fuzzy Feeling(tm). Thanks for giving us our yearly dosage! :)

    1. Your welcome, i think this year was the best year yet and considering just how many years it has been going for, that speaks volumes for the committment you guys have ^_^ ...bring on next year!