Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Good things happen to good people

Or do they? Whenever im feeling down, a bit 'over it all', or can't see the light at the end of the tunnel this is one of the most popular pieces of advice that i am given. Good things happen to good people. I often give this advice to people who appear to be in a situation similar situation and often i give up this advice/comforting thought without really hesitating yet i seem to 'believe' in it's truth. I have just a couple of points id like to explore...

1. What are 'good things' exactly? A person may be going through hardship but considered to be a 'good' person and someone tells them that good things will happen for them as long as they stay true to their 'good' nature. However technically finding a $5 note could be considered a good thing...yet does this make up for the tough times one goes through?

2. What does 'good' in good people mean? Does it mean someone who is altruistic and acts out of the interests of others? Or does it refer to someone who appears to act out of the best interests of others but in fact is selfish? Does it refer to simply a feeling someone has when evaluating a person? What makes someone 'good'?

Your serve,


  1. Selflessness is clearly a good trait, but the question is if someone is acting selfless but doing it reluctantly, are they still good?

  2. Maybe it's like being cool? If you think you are, and you say you are, then you are not.

  3. hmmm...*ponders* i tend to agree with you Rusty. I kinda think 'Selflessness' is more an instinct then anything, its 'natural', its 'subconscious' to where you simply act or don't act. It's kinda like a skill in some ways...