Saturday, 7 July 2012

Given up Alcohol!

As of writing this im 3 days sober, not huge but it's a positive step in the right direction.

I went out a couple of days ago to a nightclub that had a retro/school disco theme for the night. The music was old school, the bass was deep and the girls were hot, everyone was having a good time. The plan for the night was to (with a friend) simply to have a good time but also to go up and talk to a few girls, just to help with the fear of rejection i am working on. For the most part, the night was great for the reasons mentioned above, i actually had the best time i think i could of given the circumstances. Even though i left it late, i did go and up talked to a couple of groups of girls and i felt good about that...night was a success in that regard. However, when i was making my way home it hit me hard, i was hiding behind alot of excuses.

I noticed that the friend i was out with used alcohol as a reason not to get on the dancefloor where the action with and not to talk to the many girls that were around us. He didn't even try and i assume it was because he was self conscious to the point where drinking provided a much needed 'comfort'. I felt sorry for him, to allow the fear of rejection to get to that point is sad. Combined with the relatively high amount of money i spent on alcohol that night, it forced me to ask myself the question: Why do i drink?

The following points came up when i considered whether or not i should cut alcohol out of my life.

1. I never feel the need or desire to drink, i only do so to 'fit in socially'
2. It's really easy to go through money when drinking and id prefer to save
3. I don't particularly enjoy the taste
4. more often then not i will feel worse off 
5. I get the same buzz, that people get from drinking, from the music/atmosphere/dancefloor

Conclusion: I don't need alcohol and id be better off without it

Join me on my journey to conquer this enemy. Id also like to hear about your efforts or thoughts about alcohol in general :)



  1. All four of those things are reasons I had for giving it up and it's one of the best decisions I've ever made.

  2. Well im doing well so far, had some challenges to deal with but the longer i go without it, the less reason i have to go back to it. What's improved in your life?

  3. I drink less now than I did in high school, but standup has caused a sharp increase of late. Now that I am getting more comfortable on stage I'm going to try less "bottled courage"

  4. I DID reply to that question, where'd it go?

  5. not sure, i didn't delete it :S ...and a delayed LOL rusty, the increased drinking is due to the fame isnt it? :P