Tuesday, 26 June 2012

I get knocked down but i get up again...

This is dedicated to all those guys n girls who despite constant rejection never give up :)

Last Saturday night (Australian time) was originally meant to be a good night out on the town. I had a few friends lined up and i had planned to go out and get over my fear of rejection. "Tonight is going to be the night, enough is enough" i remember telling myself in an attempt to build my confidence. However as that morning/day wore on, the weather turned apocolyptic and there were thunderstorms, maybe lighting and a whole lot of coldness. This was when my friends started to cancel on me, "it will be too cold n wet" or better yet, some complete non responses at all...

I will not lie, it did affect me and was a blow to my confidence. As it turned out the weather was pretty damn good for a winter's evening but still no luck in convincing anyone to come out. Fear not though my friends, i went out anyway...i was determined to conquer my fears, i had to be prepared to go out on my own, no excuses! So with the Adrenaline coursing through my veins i head out and after getting some pizza i went straight to the pool/8ball/snooker hall/club that me n my friends had went to the previous Saturday night.

An extremely attractive barmaid, that i had worked up alot of courage to talk to and have a good conversation the week before, recognised my and said hello. I was feeling good, so i walk up to the bar, i don't look completely interested and i engage her in conversation again. It was all going great, here i was talking to an extremely attractive girl who seemed genuine, down to earth, not 'stuck-up' and for better or worse i was considering inviting her to a comedy show the following week.

*massive sigh*...i then, noticing just how busy the place with say "wow, me n my friends picked a good night to come out and play" to which she reponded "do you even have any friends? because you did this last time". Needless to say my confidence was DESTROYED and i quickly went home shortly after, more devastated that my self-confidence was so low at the time that i couldn't handle the situation :(

and then i went out next saturday...

This post should help to explain the first part of my So proud post


  1. You can always urinate everywhere but a toilet. that will learn them!

  2. bahahaha...your words would make confuscious (Con-fush-es???) proud