Thursday, 6 December 2012

A long time between drinks…

A long time ago, in a galaxy not so far away, there was a guy that blogged. This guy never sought attention nor did he blog to get followers. It was never an ego thing; he merely needed a means to vent the feelings and thoughts that followed him wherever he went. To begin with he-who-shall-probably-will-be-named was coming up with topics to write about faster then he could write them, a passion was sparked, a fire was lit and a new dawn had arrived. He felt like a new man with purpose and for a long time blogging was therapeutic and good for his ‘most-likely-has-one’ Soul. Eventually the novelty wore off for my dear friend and blogging soon became a real effort. As soon as the motivation went, the honeymoon period was over.

I’m sure you must have questions. Like, who am i? How do I know ForeverConflicted? What is the meaning of life? Why doesn’t Lady Gaga just commit herself? What is a question? Why do I ask questions? Is there any point to this? Are you trying to be innovative? I like pickle juice.

To be honest, the truth is…..*drumroll* OBVIOUS PLOT ‘TWIST’…I AM YOUR FATHER! ForeverConflicted is actually myself and let’s be honest; I had you all fooled O.o. ‘A long time between drinks’, it has been a while since I last blogged, june/july infact. To put it simply, I did infact lose the motivation to blog, it felt like too much of an effort and truth be told, the lack of followers did affect me.
To start with, I was just happy to write and share my personality with the world in an anonymous way and this was true for quite awhile. It was fun noticing that people were viewing my blogs from different countries, watching the view’s per page tick over…I felt like in some way that I was a bit famous and that I had a lot of virtual friends all over the world! It was a massive ego boost. It wasn’t too long until I started to become a self-conscious and the lack of followers was starting to get to me.

I started thinking to myself, “the lack of followers must mean that my blog isn’t any good or that “I am not interesting as a person”. All of a sudden, I was blogging for the wrong reasons!! It took me way to long to realise this and now that I have, I understand the true purpose of blogs. Blogs aren’t (or shouldn’t) be a popularity contest, nay I say! NAY!! Blogs give, for the most part, people a voice, mostly those whom otherwise might have trouble expressing it in other means (Darth Vader and Bane would be good candidates for blogs methinks…I mean seriously, who can understand those guys…”I am Bane and my voice never broke”).

In closing, my question to you *points finger dramatically at screen*: Why do you blog???
Peace out homies,

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  1. I originally started blogging as a way of getting my ideas and "humour" out to people (stand up hadn't occured to me at that stage). I wanted to know if I could make strangers lol.
    Connecting with people through writing allows you to connect deep within their minds. Unless of course they are still reading out loud, in that case you should probably type slower.
    Now that I do standup, dare I say as a "comedian", I still like blogging because it lets me explore concepts that are too long for the stage. Topics that may be too complex for a drunk in a comedy club. Nobody wants to pay $10 entry to listen to a guy talk about the interesting, funny, and human like qualities of bees unless the comedian is Noel Fielding (and in that case they are paying more than $10)